Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Web Host of My Dreams

I love Volusion so much, I want to have their internet babies. Their customer service is so good, it's stunning. There are much cheaper eCommerce sites out there, and if you are not planning on growing a large company then a smaller site will be a better option for you. If you are planning to ever have any employees, do wholesale, dropship, manage a warehouse (or multiple warehouses!) offer LiveChat support, or any other bells and whistles, then Volusion is the only place to look.

I searched for months to find the right web hosting solution for me. In my case, I make several different lines of products, so I needed to be able to sort by an infinite number of reducing categories. Most websites did not allow more than one sub category per main group. Volusion is infinitely expandable, so no matter how big my company gets, I will never have to leave for a company that will be more capable of meeting my needs. This is very important, because I HATE moving!

Volusion offers over a dozen different shopping cart companies, with several different levels of processing. They have stock templates (a bit too spendy for my taste), in house designers if you want them, and in house consultants. They also offer SEO (search engine optimization) services when you are ready to get your name out on the web in a bigger way.

I checked different companies that review eCommerce sites, and Volusion always came in at the top of the list. I was actually getting worried that they were too good to be true, and that somehow this was a scam. "Nobody is that perfect!" I thought.

Here's what really closed the deal for me. I am NOT a computer person, by any stretch of the imagination. I use an ancient iMac because it took me forever to learn it, and I don't want to have to learn a new machine. Computers frighten and confuse me, and generally make me say bad words. Volusion offers step by step video tutorials as well as written tutorials for every single aspect of the site. The tutorials can be paused and backed up as many times as you need to figure something out.

They offer 24 /7/365 "live human being who speaks English as a first language" tech support. You can choose between phone, LiveChat or email as communication. I chose email because nothing I was working on was time sensitive, and the longest I have ever had to wait for an answer was four and half hours - in the middle of the night on a weekend! During business hours my emails are answered in about a half an hour, tops.

I explained that I was not a computer person, and they used very simple straightforward language with me, explained things clearly (speaking sloooowly and using little words!). Then, they checked back to make sure that things were working for me, THEN they asked if there was anything else they could do for me! I think I nearly fainted. This was not a fluke. Every single time I've had a question my experience has been the same. Everyone is pleasant, professional and helpful.

I also want to give a shout out to Jess Bryant ( who did all of my web design and countless little revisions. She's fast, friendly and fabulous. Do yourself a favor - before you spend money on an expensive template, or spend all of your valuable time trying to do it yourself when you'd rather be crafting - let Jess give you a bid at least. Tell her Grace at Rivkasmom sent you! (I don't get a penny, I just really like her.)

Edited to fix typos. Why do I keep wanting to call them Volution? It's Volusion, with an "S"!

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