Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Copy Cats - Why I'm not on Etsy

Several people have asked me why I don't sell on Etsy anymore. It's a rather long story, but this website pretty much sums it up.

Here's my story:

I am sick and tired of Etsy being a place that supports copyright infringement, trademark theft and plagarism of all sorts. That site gives serious artists everywhere a bad reputation. Ever since I got off of that site, all I've heard from people has been "Good for you!" and "You're a professional, why were you even on there?" That alone is enough to make me wonder how much Etsy has hurt my reputation as a business person.

If you are using Etsy to sell a few crafts or as a sideline, then I'm sure it can be great, but if you are hoping to do your art full time, for a living, think long and hard about who you want to be associated with.

This year will bring many new venues from people who want to run their sites with integrity and honesty, and they will be very competitive. Don't think for a minute that Etsy is the be all and end all in the craft world. Creative minds are coming up with better mouse traps every day, and these sites are getting launched left and right.


שרונה said...

I know what you mean, there is a seller who copies one of my products, and actually sells more than I do, which is very annoying I think.

But as one of my business management teachers used to say "they are going to copy from you, so you better get seen out there before they do".

Cindy said...

I'm so glad you posted this! I wondered what happened since I haven't seen you. I do understand how you feel. I have notice more and more people are getting tired of Etsy. Some have been on there for quite sometime. I like your website it is very nice! Congrats on going on your own! Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

As I said on twitter, you have great talent, and I'm glad you are going it alone! I really love your work, and I can't even imagine the ethics (or lack thereof) that go into ripping off a piece that you respect and admire. I really do hope that this move is the best possible move for you and that you will find the most success on your own. With the stuff going on on Etsy, I don't know if I would even bother getting my creations ready to sell.
I'm glad to read that you called the authorities, I think that is the best place to start rather than Etsy because even if the person is unstable, she still broke the law.

Rebecca Haden said...

You have your own site now, don't you, at
Artisans should know they have that alternative. Places like Volusion, Visual Cart, and even Google Base give more choices.

Michelle said...

hey there! Can't stand lollishops shipping. I had to build it into my price right now which stinks, because it means a lower profit margin if someone International orders right now. I don't have another alternative. I left my shop at 15 and will probably leave it at that for now. I doubt it will get changed, but I like the etsy shipping way tons better. Oh well!

woolies said...

welllll... I'm still there. No idea why. And I have also heard from an artist friend that her friends are appalled at Etsy. "Why would any serious artist sell there"? hmmmmmm

saving money in style said...

how about this? i was shocked to see what this person did.
people have been copying me for years but usually add a new twist of some kind.
this is a TRUE copy cat.

when all is said and done - i think it all comes down to character. some folks do not have any.



cathy :)
saving money in style

Grace said...

Cathy, your stuff is SO much cuter, and obviously better made!

Do you sell on ArtFire? I use them as a destashing shop, and I'm REALLY happy with them. They leave Etsy in the stone ages.

Kevin said...

You should try out It's a new social shopping website with the same style of setup where you can control your Store Profile and products. Listing Credits are a WAAAY better deal than Etsy as well. They also have some pretty sweet startup deals for new Stores.