Sunday, October 10, 2010

Curiously Creative Collaboration

The first time I saw the work of of A.G. Quinn I was enchanted. I immediately marked her as a favorite, and especially the badger portrait. I have seen “mash up portraiture” before. In fact, it goes back to the earliest days of photography. Still, There was something special about her work. The tilt of the head matches angle of the body perfectly. The backgrounds are seamless and the light balance makes the whole image smooth and believable. Combined with the use of mica and traditional framing techniques, the overall effect whisks you away to another time.

Imagine my surprise and delight when she emailed me and asked if I would like to to collaborate on a line of jewelry! I was even more surprised to see that we shared the good fortune of living in Seattle. We emailed back and forth for a bit, discussing our visions of what things might look like, and agreed that this would indeed be a good fit for our work. We met at my studio, and then, the real fun began.

We based these designs on various sources, including Victorian and Regency era “sweetheart” portraits, hand painted Limoges, Fabrege settings, and traditional mourning jewelry. I added a few steampunk touches here and there, because after all, they do live in an alternate universe.

I have not made any copies of the source material that she gave me, but rather worked directly with the photographic contact sheets that she supplied. This keeps the images sharp, clear and true to the original quality. Ms. Quinn’s work is too special to be mass produced!

Each one of these items is absolutely one of a kind, a piece of wearable art that is sure to become the prize of your collection.

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